Having issues? Review the FAQs below:
  • How do I login?

    • To login, click the login button on the top right of the navigation bar. If you are already logged in to your AAA account on the AAA Member Portal, you should be automatically logged in. Otherwise, you may be prompted to enter your AAA username and password to complete the login. After logging in, you should be returned to the AAA Learning Management System front page, and your initials should show in the top right of the screen.

      If you do not have an AAA account, you must create one to access courses.

      If you are experiencing issues with login, try these steps:
      • Try logging in using an incognito/private browser. On Google Chrome, you can do this by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N or by clicking the three dots in the top right and selecting "New Incognito Window".
      • If issues persist, try signing in to the AAA Member Portal first, then return to this website and click the login button. If you are already logged in when you visit the member portal, log out and log back in before attempting this step.
      • If the above steps do not solve your login issue, contact support and we will be happy to assist you.
  • How do I navigate this site?

    • When you first arrive on this site, you can view a list of available courses on the front page. To access courses, you must login. Once logged in, you can click on courses to access them. Courses require registration via the AAA Member Portal. Courses may be available free to AAA Members, and may have an option to purchase a registration for non-members. Once you have registered for a course, click on it to begin. After beginning a course, you can see your course progress on the "My Courses" page in the navigation bar.
  • What are member benefit courses?

    • Member benefit courses are courses which are offered for free with AAA Membership. AAA Member registration is free for courses marked with the
      Free to AAA Members
      badge. AAA Student Member registration is free for courses marked with the
      Free to AAA Students

      Member benefit courses require an active AAA Membership. If your membership expires, access to these courses will be suspended. Your course progress is saved, and when you renew your membership, access to the course will be automatically reinstated upon logging in.
  • Can I access courses without being a AAA Member?

    • Some courses are available for Non-Members to purchase. View the course on the Member Portal Education Events Page for more details about how to register for the course as a non-member.

      In order to register for courses, you must have a free AAA account (does not require membership). If you want to purchase courses and do not have an AAA account, create one now.
  • I have finished a video activity, but it was not marked complete. How do I proceed?

    • If you are having issues with video activities being not marked as complete, click play on the video player and allow the video to reach the endpoint on its own (without pausing). Sometimes, the video player can appear complete, however, there are 1 or 2 seconds of watchtime remaining. Once the video reaches the endpoint, the webpage should refresh, and the activity should be marked as complete, displaying a green check mark and a link to the next activity.

      If you are experiencing continued issues with video activities being not marked as complete, contact support using the link at the bottom of the screen.
  • I'm having an issue with course registration/enrollment.

Still Having Issues? Contact Us

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